Current: Untouched Anal Volume 4

So since I am still pretty new to this blog life, I think I am going to write about one Flashback and one Current experience each time I post. I might change that style but we will see!

So the title in this… I think it speaks… volumes about this next date I’ve been on.
This happened a few WEEKS ago… yes it’s that current.
I meet this guy online.
He seems decent, not really my type but I am all about being an optimist right now because. Working on my pessimistic views and shallow thinking!
So he asks me out for drinks, and I think, sure! We both are adults let’s go get some beers.
He says “Listen, I’m kind of broke, how bout we do some dive bars around town?”
Me being the optimist I am, “SURE! Dive bars are GREAT!”

[[So we make a plan to meet up around 6 pm, and let me tell you the gods or some unnatural force was trying to tell me something! 
On my way into town, I witness a car accident first hand! Now you’re thinking “Uh… not sure why that’s a sign” Well I will tell you! 
I’ve never witnessed a car drive across the other side of the road, smash head on into the other car, slam the car into a mountain and watch the front of the car explode! ALL WHILE BEING THE ONLY THREE CARS ON THE ROAD!!! Phew, that was a lot  but fuck it was terrifying! ]]

Back to the date… So I get downtown after my terrifying experience and this guy looks NOTHING like his profile picture. But again, I am working on not being shallow.
So we start walking around town trying to get to a dive bar, which was a lot harder than it should have been, and finally come to a hole in the wall saloon.
Which was actually pretty cute! (I know, not the reaction you expected huh?)
And this guy starts telling me how he ha a 7 month old baby with a girl he knew for a week and how he is going to custody battles and how he is right and she is crazy…
And all the while i have made up my mind that this just isn’t going to work at all.
We then walk on to another bar and he decides to tell me that he was homeless for a while, and he respects me and we should just be friends!
So I am like alright, I can be friends for sure at this point we can just not date and be friends that’s fine.
Apparently he didn’t know what “friends” meant..
I let him know at this point that I have to head home and get some sleep since I have work early, and he’s like yeah yeah no problem, and he starts walking me back to my car.

And here’s where we get to the fun part.
He says on our walk “So like… wouldn’t it be funny to go check out the sex theater over there” ( across the street).
I say ” Umm… why would that be funny?”
Him: “Oh I don’t know I just never have been in one, lets check it out”
and so i start thinking… and weighing my options… and I go…
“alright, but I mean its pretty lame it’s literally just dildos and DVD’s”
So we go inside, and as I said, it’s dildo’s and DVD’s… and he goes…
” Do they let two people into one of those sex booths?”
“No they don’t and even if they did I am not going in there with you.”
“Oh okay… well .. we should check out the theater!”
Me: “No that’s weird dude! I don’t want to watch porn on a giant screen!
“Oh well I bought us tickets…”
And passive aggressive Brianna strikes again.
So i go inside… and almost started crying…
Sex theaters… are just not my thing.
dirty, smells of sweat balls and sex.
dirty old men in there who just stare at this screen….
And then porn on the biggest screen I’ve ever seen… horrible… scarred…

[[And the worst of it, because my weird feminism side came out not that I was remotely interested in the porn that made me wanna gag and die, is that the WOMEN have to jerk off in the bathroom! Men, who make way more of a mess than most women in my opinion, get to just jerk it wherever they want! That just blew my mind. ]]

So this ends with me staying for about 5- 10 minutes and then getting up and walking out and he goes…
“Well that was awkward…”
and I walked back to my car and again, end that chapter .. FOREVER.


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