Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy..

I have always had this fantasy of falling in love in a coffee shop where I look up from reading one of my favorite novels, maybe a Jane Austen novel, maybe a Dean Koontz novel, and finding this perfect man smiling at me across the way. The lights from the sky would shine through the coffee shop building ( which is clearly possible in my fantasy) and he would smile this dazzling smile. His hair would be in this perfect hipster gentleman’s cut and he would have tattoos and be wearing this button up and maybe some nice black pants and some way to expensive pair of boots. 
As we locked eyes, and our mouths slightly opened in awe at what was happening, “I Believe in a thing Called Love” by the darkness would start playing and we would know it was meant to be.

I clearly was mistaken in my fantasy because that has never happened and nor will it ever happen I am sure!

My name is Brianna & this is my real life stories of the good, the bad, and the ugliest of dates I’ve gone on and continue to go on. I’m sure you’re wondering “If they are so bad why would you continue to even try to date?!”
Trust me when I say I have  thought really long and hard about just quitting the dating scene forever and being single for the rest of my life. Maybe buying a house  in the middle of the woods but close to the ocean and just live out my dying years with Harry Potter and some coffee alone.

As pleasant as that sounds in a way, I get lonely sometimes just like we all do, so I continue to try even when I shouldn’t.
These are real stories of my life.
Some of them are my fault and some are not.
Hope you enjoy!


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