Flashback: what is a cumslut?

Hi guys! Been spending a couple days racking my brain for all these horrible dates and sexual encounters I’ve got myself into. Let me tell you, it’s rather exhausting trying to remember things sometimes! I should have started this damn thing a long time ago!

This flashback… well.. you are probably going to think this is 100 % my fault, and it slightly is but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous! right? Right.

Let’s begin on how I started talking to this to lovely fellow on the same dating website as the sex theater guy. This guy probably should have been the bright neon warning sign telling me to STOP or GET OFF THIS SITE, but per usual I don’t like to do as I am told. We started talking and he was one of those guys who liked to use really big words in sentences but the words don’t ever match what he’s trying to say. If you have never met those people let me give you an example…

i.e: I was eating mac n cheese off the fontanel the other day, you should have seen the mess I made. ( fontanel = soft spot on babies head btw… no idea what this sentence would mean but I would be very afraid if someone was eating mac n cheese off  a babies head…am i right?)

Anyways, he was funny though! And if we haven’t figured out yet, I am a sucker for funny guys who make me laugh! I feel like laughter is key to a relationship. I don’t need some asshole whose boring! So we talked a bit longer and then things started heating up.

Now, we should get this out there in the open, but I have never really had an issue with sending nudes or being one of those people who thinks it’s gross or wrong. However, I  do believe if I send something, you best be sending me something dammit. I also am one of the most insecure people I know. I hate my body more than words but something about nudes makes me feel a tad more confident I suppose. ( don’t judge me too hard!)

As I said, things were getting in HOT. IN. HURR., so hot Nelly’s :hot in hurr: song was playing in my head.He asked for nudes. I sent them. did he return the favor? of course not but that’s alright because we were in too deep at that point. We started in on that dirty talk, that sexting as you young folks would say, and then it got weird. He started saying things that I just was not even remotely into… and yes we all have our preferences but I am sorry I can only go so far with it! 

I then did what most people do when they are uncomfortable, I said ” yo, i am uncomfortable with what you are saying… sorry bro not into that one” and he said… he said…


and the first logical thought I had was … “he DID not just call me a cumslut?!”
I was morally ashamed and completely degraded and disgusted. As i said, that was not my style. I don’t like nicknames that are normal, let alone calling me a cumslut. Wtf is a cumslut? like… I mean… I want a full definition of a cumslut so if anyone is willing to elaborate ( no pics thanks!) I would be thrilled because maybe I am too vanilla in that sex life. 

So we cut our time of talking down pretty short after that and eventually he was ghosted out of my life and I was done with the cumslut king himself… or so I thought!

Flash-forward to a few weeks ago: A good friend of mine tells me she ALSO met this SAME guy online except she ACTUALLY had sex with him. I was laughing so hard as i explained this story and she goes… “girl let me tell you… I am all about that BDSM lifestyle and I like my sex a little dirty and kind of weird but this motherfucker was crazy. He wanted to simulate drowning me while fucking me from behind. I am glad you didn’t actually have sex with him!!”

I felt horrible for her but had to agree that I was REAL glad I didn’t actually have sex with this guy or I might have died. That is the story of how I was called a Cumslut and how I learned how sending nudes and sexting can be a BAD thing…. oops!



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