Current: Serial Killer in the making

So this one isn’t as current as the sex theater guy but he wasn’t that ong ago. It was another online dating fiasco… Which will probably be the usual trend on here sadly…

He seemed so normal… So… Average. He was almost so average and boring I didn’t want to go out with him but my “trying not to be a shallow bitch” side came out and my friends talked me into it by reminding me that I will never find love if I stay home and binge watch Supernatural. Which needless to say, I should have stayed home daydreaming about Jensen Ackles marrying me instead of this going out with this guy. 

He messages me on the site telling me he is also very into photography and to check out some of his pictures and I am thinking ” well this a good sign, we at least have something in common!”  So I agree to check it out and we then made plans to go to dinner and drinks.

The following weekend comes around and I meet him at a restaurant in town and he is already at a table inside, which is no big deal. So I get inside and we exchange hellos and start talking like any normal, awkward first dates go. He then starts asking me everything I know about photography.

So I tell him that I am still fairly new to all the terms and camera functions as I am self taught but that I have been taking photos since I was in middle school. Telling him how I started with a 35 mm film camera and finally bought my own around 2006… 

And he interupts me at this point in the conversation and says

” I’m sorry but you say you are into photography but I just have to disagree since you don’t know everything there is to know about it you can’t possibly be into photography. You’re lying.”

And… I was… Like…. What the actual fuck?! Which naturally meant that he was about to get into a full blown argument with me at this point. I was shocked and kind of pissed like how dare you tell ME what I know and am into… Not cool crazy.

But I was the bigger person and was like just let it go, finish dinner, and get the hell outta there!  I then decide to change the subject to how is childhood was and where he’s traveled to… Which I should have just kept silent, ate and left.

He says

” well my dad was put into prison for murdering someone and my mother is a hippie who likes to smoke pot… And I don’t like to talk about where I’ve traveled to i am sure you wouldn’t know much about traveling anyways.”

 Thankfully , I was done with my meal and my beer. I packed my purse up, and told him I was sorry but I had to leave. 

He says ” eh that’s cool I am going to stay here and drink more, you know where the door is.”

 I then walked out,  and saved myself from possibly getting murdered. At least I got a free meal… I suppose..


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