Current: are you Jason Bourne? 

So this one was just a weird day in general for me….not even sure if this guy was real at this point he just ghosted himself away so fast it was insane. 

Another dating website guy, he was alright in looks, decent for the most part in my opinion. He seemed rad over the phone, sarcastic but funny. 

So we agreed to meet up at the marina and hang out and get to know each other. 

Now I had been having a horrible time at work. I was in a new job, a 3 week training course, things have just been wild with my life lately! So needless to say, I was stressed to the max. My stomach was hurting a lot for 3 weeks, my head hurt, my eyes, I was a shit show. 

But I went anyways. I get there and he shows up in this weird all green outfit. I mean green shirt, green shorts, Green Bay keychain, green hat, green socks & shoes ! I was like wtf okay leprechaun man… 

We start walking and I had to yet again do all the damn talking ( which I can’t stand!). And we get halfway around the marina and he says we should get some pizza.

PAUSE: now if you know me personally, you KNOW I NEVER turn down pizza unless I have to right ? I turned it down guys… I felt pieces of my heart disappear and my eyes got heavy with tears as I said no thank you. Hardest decision I’ve made this last couple weeks… 

Resume: so I said no thank you my stomach was hurting and I was stressed. He got all butt hurt so I changed my mind and was like no no it’s okay we can if you’re that hungry. He still said no and we walked on.

As we are approaching the parking lot he gets this phone call. He’s very reluctant to answer it and so he lets it go to voicemail… Then he listens to the voicemail and seems shocked.

I ask 

“Who was it ? You seem shocked”

He says

“I can’t be sure but they just threatened to arrest me if don’t call them back”

And I’m over here like… Umm wtf have I got myself into omg! Is he a serial killer ?! A rapist?! A bank robber ?! My mind is wandering ! Everything I ever saw on criminal minds came rushing into my brain! 

So he goes… No… No that can’t be for me he’s saying the wrong name. Will ou listen for me ? 

So I say sure and I listen and I SWEAR people they said his name! But he swears that’s not true. 

We get back to the car he says goodbye and that next time we do dinner on him. 

Guys, he disappeared. I’ve yet to hear from the guy again. I’m pretty sure I went out with a serial killer or a real life Jason Bourne… Still not sure… Still confused. 


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