Current: all I do is drink in this town….

Hi everyone! It’s been FOR E V E R. I know in terrible at this sometimes. 

But let’s be real… You’re all a little curious about this one aren’t you ?  Don’t lie to me! Who doesn’t love getting a little toasty on a weekday! 

This guy… Man… If I had to hear him say ONE more time the words : 

“Yeah.. Umm.. Well I don’t know what else to really do in this town except get drunk” 

I was going to pour alcohol down his throat till he choked. Too much? WRONG. Not enough!

We met online, he was super cool! We made plans to go to an old cemetery and listen to shitty music and it was all dandy! He loved Halloween and was kinda punk but not too punk. 

And then we met in person. We met at this sketchy ass bar ( actually the same bar/ casino my man B*ICE & I went too) and he was already two shots and beer deep man! He’s like 

“Hey! Want a shot or a beer?”

” nah it’s cool I gotta drive tonight and work tomorrow early I just came to hang for a bit!”

And he’s like

“Cool. Well what you wanna do?”

“Well i don’t know wanna go walk around ? I saw this cool wall I want to take a picture of”

And he’s like 

“A wall? Really ?”

And I’m like

“yup! It’s rad! Let’s go!”

So we start walking and I’m trying to get a conversation station started and it’s like talking to an angry, bored fuckinf wall i swear.  I eventually just shut the fuck up and hoped he would start talking and he did with this…

“Well I don’t really know what to do here in this town except get drunk.”(#1)

And I’m like “oh well we could go eat or something? I’m not picky” 

And he says ” eh I guess I just idk… Let’s just walk till we find a bar”

So we walk and then he goes! 

“Oh my friends are by the river let’s go day because… 

“Well I don’t really know what to do here in this town except get drunk.”(#2)”

So we meet with his friends. He just then decided to ignore me. I introduced myself to them and then of course we ended up at another bar and he ignores me. At this point I’m like Ima just say bye and leave cause I fucking hate being ignored and now I’m irritated. 

We get to this bar and he goes 

“Want a beer?”

No dude how many times do I have to say I’m fucking driving and working early go die.

“Nah thanks.”

I say casually but obviously irritated. He goes…

“Sorry I just don’t really know what to do here in this town except get drunk.”(#3)

Then his friend starts talking about college and history and I LITERALLY spent the next hour debating with his friend than I did speaking with him.

Finally I say goodbye and leave. We have yet to speak since. 

Probably because 

“Well I don’t really know what to do here in this town except get drunk.”(#4) 


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