Flashback: down in the DM

I am obsessed with Instagram. I know … I know…. But I do have my weaknesses people. I love photography. It’s passion. It’s love. It’s the only thing that makes me feel better when I’m down. 

This guy… We didn’t even make it to the date alright. This guys been following me on IG for years now and he lives in the same town so we like each other’s photos like normal IG people do right ? 

Then one day on every damn photo he starts commenting something like…

“Oh! I love the tracks up there we should go sometime!”

“Man hiking there is my favorite! Great shot we should check it out together sometime !”

“Nice face we should hang out”

( no joke the last one probably didn’t happen I just might have made that up…) 

Anyways so one day I  get a DM from him ( because you know it goes down in the DM) and he’s like…

“I really like your photos and I think you’re  really pretty would you like to hang out and go take some pictures sometime?!”

So I’m like alright whatever this guys close in age, he lives in town, he’s down with photography… Why not ! 

I agree and we exchange numbers, we text for a while and then we set a date ! 

The day comes along, I get all dolled up, changed my camera batterie and I’m headed to the park we are supposed to meet at.

And this motherfucker stands me up.

Now not only does he 

  1. Stand me up
  2. He then deletes me off IG
  3. Ignores my messages

And here’s the kicker, I know that’s not even the best part!, HE THEN! 
Adds me BACK on IG this fucking year out of the blue! As though like nothing happened! I swear he’s like Jason Bourne the original man… Wtf is with all these guys randomly disappearing out of nowhere ?! 

Weird shit man… Needless to say we don’t talk.

It did not go down in the DM. 


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