Current: At the car wash baby…

Heyyyy! So yes it’s been forever but I’ve had some major life changes so dating obviously wasn’t even a thought process for me! But don’t worry things are cooking down in my personal life and I’m seeing a slight silver lining ! 
Let’s talk about last night! I know this is truly a current date. So we met on tinder , ew yea I have a tinder now. We have been talking on and off for a couple weeks and he is truly impossible to read via text so the first time he asked me to hang out he says : 

“Hey so we should do like a redbox and wine or beer kind of night what do you think?” 

And I’m thinking…. So you want to do a Netflix and chill you just didn’t want to say it like that?! Come on have some balls if you want to just fuck!

I straight up asked him : ” so is this code for let’s have sex or do you legit want to hang out ?”

And he’s like ” I legit want to hang out and get to know you and stuff”

So I’m like cool sounds good. So he says 

” is it cool if we go to your place?”

And I had to do the most embarrassing thing ever and be like 

“No sorry I live with my parent again…”

Shoot me now. I told you all some weird life changes been happening and this is just one tiny part. 

He was cool about it and we decided to hang out later.

Last night ! So first he’s like let’s hang out and get some drinks! And I’m like alright I’ll meet you in town. I get into town and he is like 

” well I already have been drinking a little so I shouldn’t drink anymore…”

And I’m like cool with me what you want to do? 

And he says ” no idea meet me at wal mart and we can decide”

I get to wal mart and he’s like half asleep in his car. Now he’s hot don’t get me wrong! He’s very attractive and he’s a bit older than me which I rarely go for so I was like alright I’ll see what happens.

He has no plans. He’s half asleep. So I do the only thing I can think of and ask him to help me wash my car! 

Is that weird ? I mean he didn’t have any plan so why the fuck not right ? So we washed my car! 

It was cool he was still like half asleep but at least my car is clean. We then drove up a mountain ( in my clean car which is now dirty again) where we listened to music and talked. 

He’s 33 and guys he basically has no motivation, no long term commitments, doesn’t have a place to stay at all. 

He has been living in his car apparently  and he really wants to just go to concerts & snowboard. 

So needless to say I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him again because I didn’t say anything super nice to him! 

But my car is clean ! 


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