The Small Apple

I know… I probably lost half my followers but guys shit has been crazy. I am just fingers crossing at this point trying to get through life no joke!

Lets bring it in for a new round of weirdos and new friends I’ve been making over the past couple months I’ve been gone.

This guy… We are friends. He’s been dying to get on this damn blog. I think he thinks it’s going to be his only legacy with me… But we will see.

Ita started with… That fuckin god awful dating website. When will I learn seriously ?! But again this is one of those ” I am more corrupting than I think I am” posts. I mean seriously guys…. I think I am a terrible influence on people! Especially this guy!

He hit me up. We talked about pizza (always a game plan in my book), we joked about something or another I’m sure. And then like most things in my life… Something in my perverted head was like…

Let’s see how far we can take this… And we did.

So I say something about nudes. He says he’s never sent nudes. I make the ” :O” face and say WWHHHHAT ! Well let’s change that!

* ding, ding* first sign in the fuckinf bad influence lately.

So he agrees. I say fair is a fair. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden we are in a back and forth routine of naked pictures and weird sexting. I mean wtf is wrong with me! This is why I’m going to die alone.

Anyways the title always becomes part of the story so let me just tell you. This guy… He likes to say NY is better than everything. We got into an argument the other day of NY vs. CA. We just came head to head and neither side in my opinion could win that battle.


But it what I have to say about Mr. Big Apple… Is well you’re little friend is from the small Apple buddy. I mean you always bring him up! Poor guy has low self esteem from your judgey ways.

I was gunna give the guys a chance but he’s too busy hiding out at the bar figuring out how to get away from the local town slut. Or so he says!

But for reals guys, he’s not bad. He’s funnier than hell! I mostly wrote this so he would shut the fuck up about it!

On to better stories tomorrow for sure I promise!

Ciao loves !


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