Throwback: throw it in the trash!

I feel like I am cursed. It seems like everytime I actually start to like someone and I open myself up to the possibility that things could work out.. Something goes wrong.

That’s a rant for another time. Here’s another interesting throwback to a time in my life when I wasn’t sure at all what I was doing I just knew this guy was hot.

He was tall, handsome, and mysterious. Everything I wanted… Or least I thought till he opened his mouth.

He was such an asshole guys… He just… Was so high and mighty about fucking everything! He had a literal opinion about every subject in the whole world.. I was surprised his head didn’t explode from how big it was.

But I knew his sister and she was like come over let drink and you can get to know him I promise you’ll like him more! So I was like alright of course.

I get there and he’s already drinking ( per usual the men in my life). He says –


” we are going to need more beer soon, my sister said it would be cool if you drove us to the store. I would like to buy you dinner as well.”


And in my head I was like…. Is this a date you’re asking me on you fucking weirdo?

Thankfully no.

So I agree and he and I get in the car and start to head out. We both start talking about things we like and getting to know one another and he says-


” so what ethnicity are you? I can’t tell but you have very pretty eyes.”


So I tell him I am Irish and Arabic and thank him.

He goes-


 ah Arabic so like Persian? My ex was Persian she was a super model. Least you have nice eyes.

And I’m like… Compliment? Or are you saying that’s the only good thing I have you dick ?

So we keep driving and he is just sitting there going on and on about his x and how he hates this town and is moving back to California and blah blah and then a fucking rabbit runs out in front of my car and I had no time to stop and shit hits the fan and I freak out and I hit a fucking rabbit!!!

I felt horrible! I know those fuckers like to run out in the street but fuck!

This guy… Omg… He lost his shit. He not only was mad at ME for not reacting soon enough apparently. He made me pull the car over so he could pick the dead rabbit up and give him a proper buria instead of letting Mother Nature take her course and feed other animals.

I was like you’re seriously bringing this dead rabbit in a garbage by in my backseat?!

He did.  We drove back to the apartments with the NOT FULLY DEAD RABBIT BY THE WAY in my backseat. We get to the apartment and I’m like this crazy is going to bury the rabbit… Oh no! He throws the rabbit in the fucking trash can!

Now I’m pissed. I tell him it’s stupid because another animal could have fed off hi and then he wouldn’t have died for no reason at all. But this guy was’t listening!

We get to the apartment not speaking. We drink; not speaking. I lay on the floor to sleep and he has the balls to try and cuddle with me.

Needless to say we have never spoken since that night.

He went and got some girl pregnant & they are happily married so good for him! I did go out on a date with his brother a few years down the road so that’s funny. Another story , another time.


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