Sappy unrealistic point of view post

Sometimes you wake up and you remember you’re just human and you make mistakes…. 

And then sometimes you wake up and feel like utter shit about yourself and remember you’re an idiot. 

I’ve done A LOT of soul searching in the last couple months and I’ve yet to figure out exactly who I want to be. 

Part of me wants this happy, adorable relationship that exists in fairytales. Then part of me wants this wild and exotic relationship that just comes naturally and unexpectedly. 

Neither of those are going to happen. Right now I like someone who doesn’t live anywhere near me and I find myself questioning EVERYTHING he says. 

Does he really like me? Is he being realistic? Is long distance even a possibility? Does he really think I’m pretty? Is he real? 

So today Ima take a chill pill and calm down because I really need to stop over analyzing my entire life people…. or so I say but we all know I’m going to sit at work and contemplate the meaning of what is going on. 

I hope this isn’t another self sabotage. I hope this works out. I also hope one day I can realistically think of a relationship and not overanalyze till I want to cry. 
But who am I kidding ? I’m a shit show. 


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