Real talk 101

It has been an interesting and sad week for me lately… and quite a few people I know. 

Let’s get real for a minute here. 

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding over the summer for one of my best friends I’ve known since middle school. I went to the wedding knowing  maybe 3-4 people. At her bachelorette party I met this girl also in the wedding. 

She was the sweetest and funniest person I swear ! So she tells me her boyfriend is also in the wedding he’s one of the groomsmen and I’m like oh how cute and normal girl talk continues. 

A week before the wedding we did the rehearsal which ended up being all of us standing around because a few hiccups in the process. They had the wedding at a beautiful lake in the mountains. 

I get to the campsite say hi to a few new people I met including this girl! She introduces me to her boyfriend and he was so adorable. So nice and polite and also hilarious. Beautiful couple seriously. 

So the girl and a few others go off to fix the issues with the bride and I stay back with a few others including this boyfriend. I ask him how he knows the bride, how him and his gf met and he looks me in the eye after a short talk and he smiles and says — 

” I’m going to marry that girl. She’s amazing & has saved me on so many levels.” 

And I stopped and took a breath because I realized I was witnessing such a powerful love that cannot be explained in words. 

We have the wedding and I think to these words and  I listen to my best friend say her vows and I’m crying and so is everyone else… and again I remember that in that moment right then… 

that is what true love and fairytales are made of. The passion, the intensity, the raw and undivided emotion from a simple smile or a simple sentence. 

So the wedding is over and I found a few more people I knew and I make my rounds say hello and then go to leave. I run into that girl and that boy again they tell me how wonderful it was to meet me and how I need to come see them in California where they live– and I was so overcome with happiness from getting to witness and be around such wonderful people– I just smiled and said absolutely ! Hugged them and went on my way. 

I found out 3 days ago this boy died. He did heroin after being sober for over a year- something I didn’t know nor needed to know. My heart broke into a million pieces. 

Because even though I didn’t know them well and we weren’t even friends really just people who met at a wedding… I remembered the love. 

The feelings. The emotions. I remembered how she smiled at him when he talked. I remembered how he cried with joy staring at her during the vows. 

My heart is broken for his family. For that girl… for his friends who found him and the friends who have to mend their hearts. 

It’s amazing how one moment can ruin everything… but also one moment can show you a lifetime of passion you’ve been looking for. 

RIP… I hope you’re in a better place or whatever/ wherever I hope you’re at peace. 


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