Welcome to 2017

So we are what in the 3rd month of 2017 already… wow!

Let me just tell you the shenanigans I have already got myself into!


New years! I decided I was going to spend my holiday/ bring in 2017 at the ocean! So I gathered up a bunch of friends and went to San Francisco! It was the most interesting of trips– ups and downs of course!

Overall, it really showed me a lot about myself I wasn’t aware of at the time. I learned a couple things:

  • A) i am not ready for a relationship. I want it deep down don’t get me wrong– but the physical act of settling and committing to someone seems so disgusting and terrifying… like… I can’t handle it. ( I can’t EVEN). In the process of finding this out, I probably have hurt ( and been hurt) more times than I can count. So my deepest apologies to anyone I fucked over in the process… you were unaware of the backlash as well as I was.
  • B) I figured out to just let shit go. I was hurt so bad around December… as usual in my life, and then  I held onto that into January a bit. Now I realize… fuck that. I don’t have time to hold onto petty things when i could be FIXING myself. I could be finding out what I really want out of life!


There wasn’t much in February till the end… I mean, I did my fair share of awkward dates again and weird random convo’s with people I probably shouldn’t have but I will save that for  their own stories of course. Let’s skip to a few weeks ago…

I received an email from my old job, one I quit over a year ago to be precises, offering me a position! Now this position is based in Philadelphia– I will be moving from across the country from NV.

It has been a crazy couple weeks so here we are into

March 2017 & I have been packing up my entire life and getting ready to move across the country alone to start a whole new life. I am beyond ecstatic about the opportunity but also terrified about the outcome of course… and sad because I am leaving my family and friends…

but holy shit… guys… this just means… a BRAND NEW DATING SCENE!
Which means even more disastrous stories for all you lovelies!


So here I am… all up on the East Coast doing my thing. It’s currently the end of March as I am finishing writing all of this up but let me just tell you a few things about my experiences here on the East Coast.

Philly- Now… I am from a smaller town so maybe that’s why my opinion is a little less enthusiastic about the giant city life.. I have found it to be a bit dirty and also soooo crowded. I mean don’t get me wrong I have met nothing but the nicest people- especially as I made my way through the Center City area and trying to learn how to use public transportation ( since I as clearly sheltered and never had to use it before.
but I did go to a very fun and interesting hop on and off history tour, i saw the Reading Market which was incredible and my only regret is that I didn’t eat there!

Anyways, So I got here and  I was living with a crazy person who would scream at her children and be up till late hours of the night. She even had me help her file her fucking court papers for some crazy divorce she was going through.. She was living off welfare and was refusing to work because she didn’t have to and it was easier to live off welfare and not work then it was too get a job– which made me hate her more.
I wasn’t sleeping- I wasn’t eating- I was a mess.
Which meant– I had to get the fuck out of there asap. 

Thankfully a co- worker of mine offered to let me stay with her in Jersey– where I am currently.
I have been on the East coast for almost 2 weeks now and I think i can already say I miss the West Coast a bit. I think I have different views on things and I just have such an open sense of looking at things– and I feel like everyone here is very closed off to new things and is just set in their ways… which is great for them, but not something I am interested in.

I have been on two days in the two weeks I have been here… yes, that sounds pathetic when I say it out loud haha. Mostly I have been bored out of mind!
I didn’t bring my car with my to the East- so I have no way of going and exploring and shit like I normally do! So yes, I am slightly using these guy’s to go out and have a good time– do not judge me until you are in my position.

Long story short– I am alright. Just going through the motions of moving and figuring out if this is the place I actually want to end up staying or if I will spread my wings and move again now that I have finally left my hometown.
I will keep you all updated on the situation!



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