“I miss you…” no you don’t!

Holy shit guys… guess what?
I moved again…

But that’s not what this post is about.
Let’s talk about one of two guy’s I went out with while I was over there on the East Coast living in a nightmare.

Met on the dating website of course, and honestly, I really just needed to get out of the crazy lady’s I was staying with house.  I wasn’t eating properly and I was bored and sick of being in the presence of a psycho. So yes, I slightly used this human to get out of the house but whatever.

He offers to pick me up and take me out to eat ( score since I hadn’t had real food in weeks) and said we would be going to Buffalo Wild Wings ( eh that will do).
I agree and we set up a time and I give the guy my address and “date is ready”

So he picks me up and we are on our way to BWW & this dude starts ranting and raving about how much he hates his job and how awful it is and how he has to stay there because it’s necessary even if he hates it.
I sat there like… well… just change your job but he said ” Oh no no no” that can’t happen… but he had no reason why he couldn’t switch jobs.
I continued to stare out the window silently thinking-

” Here we go again with crazy people Brianna… you sure know how to pick them girl…”

We get to BWW and the conversation goes like this–

Him: ” How many tattoos do you have?”
Me: ” I have 8- do you have any?”
Him: ” oh nice.. can I see them all? and no I refuse to get any tattoos on my body.”
Me: ” well I can show you a couple but a lot of them are hidden so I will find pictures of them for you. Why is that?”
Him: ” it’s okay you can show me the hidden ones too…ha ha. I refuse to get them because I am Jewish and if i want to get into the Jewish cemetery you can’t do anything to your body”
Me: ” ha ha, no. & oh okay so you’re religious then? that’s neat I didn’t know that.”
Him: ” Oh no I don’t believe in any of that it’s just i refuse to mess my body up if ever I want to get into the Cemetery”

And at this point I stopped following because if you don’t believe in a religion or certain things then getting tattoos wouldn’t really matter to you so maybe that’s just my opinion but whatever.

so we sit down to eat and he again asks me about my tattoos ( even though we just had this talk) and then asks me the differences between the East and West coast so far. It comes time to order and he was like

“You’re living by yourself? or with a friend?”
Me: with a friends mom for a while. What about you?
“I live with my parents still. Don’t plan on moving anytime soon it’s working just fine.”

Internally-: My head is like “okay you have lived with your parents but you hated it. he doesn’t wanna leave… get out now!!”
Externally: I nod and smile.

Finally, the waitress shows up and I order a Midori Sour and a water ( and I am ready to order but he’s not so I wait patiently like a polite person!) He orders a soda and water and then orders an appetizer ( after he had asked me if I wanted one, which I didn’t but clearly he did) then he order’s a salad and all of a sudden he is ready to order his meal.
so he orders and then demands that the waitress bring the appetizer out first, then his salad and then his burger and it HAS to be in THAT order.

I sat there… trying so hard not to say anything rude because I hate when people are rude to waitresses/ waiters in general. I order my wings and call it good.
We sit there waiting for our food and this guy asks me what my fave movies are.

I give him a short list of my fave movies and then he starts telling me how he only watches VHS, he doesn’t believe in Netflix. He tells me his favorite movie is Free Willy ( which I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say) and then finally the food shows up ( thank all the gods and goddesses).

We eat, I drink, the bill comes and he goes to pay for it and then I ask if he wants me to help him split it. He says I can leave the tip because he has gift cards ( no judgement man however you wanna pay works with me) I go to leave a tip and then I grab my shit and get ready to leave.

We get to the car and he is like –

“So wanna come watch Free Will with me at my place?”

& I just couldn’t take this guy seriously anymore so I said sorry I have to get home I start my first day on the job tomorrow.
To which you can instantly tell he is super irritated with me but tries to act polite about it. He takes me home and I go to say goodbye and he gets out to give me a hug and and just starts making out with me! I was like okay bro bye.

So i thought that was the end of that and he proceeds to text me the next two days telling me how much he “misses me” and ” you are so amazing”.

DUDE. NO. We hung out ONE TIME.
You don’t miss me, and I know you don’t think I am amazing when I wouldn’t come back to your parents house to ” watch Free Willy”… just no.

Thankfully I moved away and he is outta my life and I am now in Texas far away from this person.


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