Group Fraternity Photo Search Guy

Guys… get this nonsense…

This guy messaged me on OKC and he had two photos on his profile and hardly anything explaining who he was as a person right? So I went to check his photo’s out closer and I open one up and he didn’t even take the time to CROP the photo.

It was literally a group of men all in suits, a Frat group photo, with the google search in the screen shot!!! Like this guy… this guy was so dumb he didn’t even take the time to crop the photo… he just looked at this photo he screen shot and was like

” this is it… this is the photo that will get all the bitches.”

I was dying! And his message was even better… he said something along the lines of ( and I’m paraphrasing cause I deleted him outta my messages lol)

” You should get to know me 🙂 I’m pretty great and the only thing that isn’t is my small package lol”

to which I responded

” I am more concerned with the fact that you didn’t even crop your photo…”

and he wrote


like no one had yet called him out about it! I didn’t know what to do! I was like wtf?! so I wrote back and was like

” Listen, if you’re going to catfish someone at least have the decency to crop out your google search”

to which he says:

“So wanna like talk more? Maybe use KIK?”

and i was like

” nah, bye”

please shoot me… I literally am going to die alone.
* Insert eye roll and head banging emoji now*


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