Was I stood up or did you die?

But for real… Let me just say one thing.

There are times when I don’t want to talk to someone anymore, and yeah, I ghosted them right? but NEVER have I  EVER stood someone up for a date. I always give them the benefit of the doubt, even when they are crazies — as you all can vouch for me!

but this is the SECOND time this month someone has started talking to me- asked me to hang out, initiated the conversation and everything, just to blow me off completely on the day of the date and then they just disappear… almost like they weren’t real or something happened or I don’t even know!

And I mean hey, maybe I dodged some bullets on these guys right? That doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating beyond reason. Like.. if you changed your mind or something was going on, just fucking say so. Don’t be a dick and blow me off– fucking losers.  Because then I am just left with thoughts of like… okay A- you’re just an asshole or B- Did you die? Are you hurt? Did your phone break? — and all of those are like… things you can obviously be like… oh okay, you didn’t just blow me off…

They start making me think I am the crazy one!! But whatever….!

Anyways- back to the previously stated Dating Hiatus.



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