All my exes live in Texas

Texas is a BIG ASS state… everyone who is anyone knows this am I right? Well I live in a decent size city between Dallas and Ft. Worth Area. Both of those cities are pretty close by which means the dating pool get’s open pretty wide… I know I said i was taking a hiatus from dating, and technically I HAVE… ish.

Since I have lived here I have been stood up, twice, almost met up with a guy so I could knock him the fuck out, been out with men who think I am good for sex only, who talk shit about my home/ west coast like that’s not a piece of me, have commented on things that make no sense, and men who I have NOTHING in common with.

I have learned a few things:

  • I want nothing to do with men who think they can talk shit about where I come from but if i say something about their state that I am just an idiot and ” how dare I”– please leave me alone forever.
  • I want nothing to do with men who think women CANNOT do something or that ALL women are exactly the same – not all men are the same and you’re lucky I don’t shove my fist into your face you pig.
  • Do not start talking to a girl or a person in general just to ask them out – then out of NOWHERE- literally no heads up or warning – ignore them and never speak to them again… especially with someone as paranoid as me- I am thinking you probably died or were part of some secret spy club or something… psychos!

Anyways… I think even if i decide to keep randomly talking to these guys because I am bored and lonely and this is what modern dating as turned out to be– I dont want any of them. I mean…  even when I think I like someone I still am bored of them after the first few conversations.

Also why do conversations have to be so bland and boring? Like if i have drama going on in my life am I supposed to pretend and say ” oh em gee I am SO GREAT! like life is wonderful and amazing and i like love to shop and like buy makeup and like be a girl” no fuck you… that isn’t gunna happen sweetheart because again – not all women are the same.

If I am going to start talking to you then you better be prepared for me to have REAL LIFE conversations with you. I am not going to sugarcoat my life and I wouldn’t expect the same from you… I mean honestly, at least this way If you can’t handle me or my conversations I can just weed you out. I can just tell you – hey I’m not feeling it and peace the fuck out.

Because if “soulmates” or “true love” ends up being real and as awesome as some people keep saying it is then my motherfucking soul-mate is still out there doing his damn thing and good for him.  He’s probably just as fucking insane and crazy as I am. He’s probably moved like 8 states and is thinking ” man I fucking hate dating” too. Shit, he’s probably in a really awesome relationship and doesn’t even know we are soul mates hahaha that’s my luck.


but for real let me make this CLEAR—->I dont think ALL Texas men are bad but some of you guys & gals need to get your fucking shit together and stop talking trash about women, Trump isn’t LIFE, there’s more to this world than cowboy boots and off roading and hunting, the gays aren’t out to get you and ruin your children, not everyone goes to church, not all women want to be stay at home wives and have babies… and yes, as a women I can take care of myself- shocker I know!

ALSO- not all west coast men and women are Liberal pussies who think they are entitled to everything, we don’t all think surfing is cool ( you guys forgot there is more than just California on the west coast clearly), we don’t ALL have super strict gun laws and believe guns are bad and no nos,  we aren’t all super laid back and chill and don’t care about our jobs or working…. we actually care about a lot more than JUST work.

anyways- back to being single forever ❤



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