Welcome to 2017

So we are what in the 3rd month of 2017 already... wow! Let me just tell you the shenanigans I have already got myself into! January:   New years! I decided I was going to spend my holiday/ bring in 2017 at the ocean! So I gathered up a bunch of friends and went to... Continue Reading →

Real talk 101

It has been an interesting and sad week for me lately... and quite a few people I know.  Let's get real for a minute here.  I was a bridesmaid in a wedding over the summer for one of my best friends I've known since middle school. I went to the wedding knowing  maybe 3-4 people.... Continue Reading →

Then damaged goods 

 I haven't talked about my ex ever on here because really we haven't had any " bad " stories together for the most part. He's someone I've always pictured my life with so there was no point in talking about him... plus he knows about this blog which it seemed weird to put him in... Continue Reading →

Return of the Car Wash

Okay at this point I probably deserve every bad "date" and experience I keep having. I mean I think my self esteem just hit the lowest of low so I'm just finding ways to pretend I don't hate myself now. Car wash guy... you guys remember him? He's a few posts down but he was... Continue Reading →

5 year plans are Overrated

I've been trying to write this one for a while and I don't think it's even that bad of a story more of just the shock effect on MY end.  I never plan things unless it's a vacation. I am the most spontaneous shopper ( which makes my bank account hate me), I constantly go... Continue Reading →

Gotta catch em’ all

So you know it's bad when your last post is some sappy self sabotaging shit... well don't worry I'm gunna bring back some more interesting dating experiences I've had.  I've been like your absent mother or father lately who calls every six months ( I can joke about this because my mother is totally that... Continue Reading →

The Small Apple

I know... I probably lost half my followers but guys shit has been crazy. I am just fingers crossing at this point trying to get through life no joke! Lets bring it in for a new round of weirdos and new friends I've been making over the past couple months I've been gone. This guy...... Continue Reading →

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