So Glad this isn’t a Jane Austen Novel

Wow, the last time I wrote on here was August. 

Well, as I said, I have taken a  dating Hiatus, which has lasted this long …. and is still going. I did write a book about my dating adventures as I last stated I was going too. It is not published or anything but it felt good to write it and we will see what I do with it later! 

Since my dating Hiatus, I did start talking to this guy I went to high school with actually. He hit me up in the DM’s as the kids would say these days on my FB and it was all smooth and fun and I ended up really enjoying talking to him. He would compliment me and tell me how pretty I was and how wonderful I was and how much he enjoyed talking to me and I  was like ” oh who?! me?!” and of course, I naturally was smitten with him after that because I am weak and like sweet talkers. 

I thought we had something going on, we even talked about visiting each other as he lives in CA and I am in TX still but then he got weird, and he did what every man does this day in age and decided to slowly but surely ghost me. HOWEVER- it is EXTREMELY confusing that he decided he didn’t want to talk to me anymore when the last conversation we had was me calling him out about the lack of conversation and letting him know this was his out! 

I gave him an out. I said if you don’t want to talk anymore let me know because I am sure it gets annoying to have some girl text you all the time when you don’t even wanna talk to her anymore right? Like, I know, if some guy kept texting me and trying to contact me and I wasn’t interested in him, that I would MOST definitely be like Bro, not into it. Stop. Especially, if he was kind enough to give me a fucking out. 

Well his response was ridiculous considering we haven’t talked since…

“I am SO sorry, I have been so busy lately and I promise to try harder to write you more and be better about it! how are you today?”

and in my head I was all, alright, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are busy. Which of course, led to my downfall and he stopped talking to me altogether but still has me as a friend on FB and IG and everything AND AND AND— the kicker is, he isn’t BUSY anymore to post 3 or 4 times a fucking day. 

So the real question now is, should I just delete the sonofabitch and call it good? We don’t talk, you’re a waste of time clearly and I have no desire to be friends with someone who isn’t willing to put in the same amount of time and effort. 

Petty? Childish? Maybe, but I think otherwise. I have been cleaning out my FB from all the people that keep in contact to the people that I haven’t talked to in years and it feels AMAZING. Detoxing those negative people from my life- saying goodbye the fuck faces and assholes. The bitches who just want the gossip on you! the Ex boyfriend who is a psycho! 

Speaking of EX boyfriends… well… no, i will write a second post about that fucking idiot. 

Anyways, dating Hiatus is still happening because when you delete all your online dating accounts and try to meet people the natural way…. well…. it takes a lot of fucking time, IF EVER, to happen. 

Cheers to my road to being single forever at this rate. 
If this was a Jane Austen novel– I would have died an old, lonely wench. 


Update: We all deserve Respect.

Online dating profiles have been officially deleted.
Closure from the one person I needed it from the most was received, in a terrible way, but still received.
All memories are being locked up in a box.
All photos have been deleted and all social media sites blocked and deleted so I can properly move on.

That’s the rough updates of my life– the good updates are:
– started talking to a guy in California who I actually went to school with but never really knew, super cute and nice — I will keep everyone update on that when I know more!
– Flying back home for a vacation soon! Can’t wait to see my friends and family! It will be good to be back in the care of people i love and who can bring me back up instead of down.
-Dating has been ridiculous so I am back on that dating Hiatus especially while I live in Texas… pretty sure all the southern gentlemen went somewhere else like GA or LA or something.

I’m going to go old school for a while. Try to meet people in person– i mean it worked for all our family and other relatives who never had social media and online dating , right? There has to be someone out there that won’t think I’m weird for being like ” yo, you cute. ” Except it never even gets that far because i end up getting nervous and staring so maybe they have every reason to think I’m a creep haha.

Anyways! I’m working on a positive me! A better ME! I refuse to let anyone bring me that low again. We all deserve respect people! Remember that!

All my exes live in Texas

Texas is a BIG ASS state… everyone who is anyone knows this am I right? Well I live in a decent size city between Dallas and Ft. Worth Area. Both of those cities are pretty close by which means the dating pool get’s open pretty wide… I know I said i was taking a hiatus from dating, and technically I HAVE… ish.

Since I have lived here I have been stood up, twice, almost met up with a guy so I could knock him the fuck out, been out with men who think I am good for sex only, who talk shit about my home/ west coast like that’s not a piece of me, have commented on things that make no sense, and men who I have NOTHING in common with.

I have learned a few things:

  • I want nothing to do with men who think they can talk shit about where I come from but if i say something about their state that I am just an idiot and ” how dare I”– please leave me alone forever.
  • I want nothing to do with men who think women CANNOT do something or that ALL women are exactly the same – not all men are the same and you’re lucky I don’t shove my fist into your face you pig.
  • Do not start talking to a girl or a person in general just to ask them out – then out of NOWHERE- literally no heads up or warning – ignore them and never speak to them again… especially with someone as paranoid as me- I am thinking you probably died or were part of some secret spy club or something… psychos!

Anyways… I think even if i decide to keep randomly talking to these guys because I am bored and lonely and this is what modern dating as turned out to be– I dont want any of them. I mean…  even when I think I like someone I still am bored of them after the first few conversations.

Also why do conversations have to be so bland and boring? Like if i have drama going on in my life am I supposed to pretend and say ” oh em gee I am SO GREAT! like life is wonderful and amazing and i like love to shop and like buy makeup and like be a girl” no fuck you… that isn’t gunna happen sweetheart because again – not all women are the same.

If I am going to start talking to you then you better be prepared for me to have REAL LIFE conversations with you. I am not going to sugarcoat my life and I wouldn’t expect the same from you… I mean honestly, at least this way If you can’t handle me or my conversations I can just weed you out. I can just tell you – hey I’m not feeling it and peace the fuck out.

Because if “soulmates” or “true love” ends up being real and as awesome as some people keep saying it is then my motherfucking soul-mate is still out there doing his damn thing and good for him.  He’s probably just as fucking insane and crazy as I am. He’s probably moved like 8 states and is thinking ” man I fucking hate dating” too. Shit, he’s probably in a really awesome relationship and doesn’t even know we are soul mates hahaha that’s my luck.


but for real let me make this CLEAR—->I dont think ALL Texas men are bad but some of you guys & gals need to get your fucking shit together and stop talking trash about women, Trump isn’t LIFE, there’s more to this world than cowboy boots and off roading and hunting, the gays aren’t out to get you and ruin your children, not everyone goes to church, not all women want to be stay at home wives and have babies… and yes, as a women I can take care of myself- shocker I know!

ALSO- not all west coast men and women are Liberal pussies who think they are entitled to everything, we don’t all think surfing is cool ( you guys forgot there is more than just California on the west coast clearly), we don’t ALL have super strict gun laws and believe guns are bad and no nos,  we aren’t all super laid back and chill and don’t care about our jobs or working…. we actually care about a lot more than JUST work.

anyways- back to being single forever ❤


Was I stood up or did you die?

But for real… Let me just say one thing.

There are times when I don’t want to talk to someone anymore, and yeah, I ghosted them right? but NEVER have I  EVER stood someone up for a date. I always give them the benefit of the doubt, even when they are crazies — as you all can vouch for me!

but this is the SECOND time this month someone has started talking to me- asked me to hang out, initiated the conversation and everything, just to blow me off completely on the day of the date and then they just disappear… almost like they weren’t real or something happened or I don’t even know!

And I mean hey, maybe I dodged some bullets on these guys right? That doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating beyond reason. Like.. if you changed your mind or something was going on, just fucking say so. Don’t be a dick and blow me off– fucking losers.  Because then I am just left with thoughts of like… okay A- you’re just an asshole or B- Did you die? Are you hurt? Did your phone break? — and all of those are like… things you can obviously be like… oh okay, you didn’t just blow me off…

They start making me think I am the crazy one!! But whatever….!

Anyways- back to the previously stated Dating Hiatus.


Dating Hiatus

Heyyyy friends!
So I am on a slight dating Hiatus– which means these blog posts either need to be normal, artsy, or just on a break as well! So sorry, it just doesn’t feel right to be dating around at the moment.
Just too much stress and change — anyways! Thanks for reading this thing whoever does read and laughing or crying or making fun of me ( I dont need to know which is which) haha.

Anyways — I will be back as soon as I have something exciting to tell you!
Ciao Loves ❤

Parents Advice

I love when my parents try to get involved in my dating life, it’s quite hilarious.

Let me give you some background–

My dad and my stepmom have been together for like ever it feels like ( I really can’t remember how long now… 15 years? 16 years? ) a long time now– anyways they are 12 1/2 years apart in age. My dad is 51 and my stepmom is 39 now… when they met she was like 18-19? And at that point in time he had 3 kids already with two different women ( my dad is a whore :p ) just kidding dad!

So anyways, my older brother is married and has two kids and one on the way, my sister who is younger than me has a kid but isn’t married, and then there is me kid-less and single, and then my 15 year old sister who is thankfully kid less ( for a long time she better be or else) .

Well anyways since according to the old days and the laws of the old world that everyone has embedded in their brains no matter what, I would be an old wench who would die alone at 25 right? No kids, no husband… imagine the character i would be in a Jane Austen novel… to die by my pen alone and childless– what an abomination!

So here is my families logic:

My dad and stepmom think I need me either a 19 year old I can train – OH MY GOD DAD.
Or a 38-40 year old who has his shit together and can treat me like a man – OH MY GOD DAD. No in- between just 19 or 40…. umm not gunna happen dad sorry.

My real mother, she thinks i need like 21-23– she said younger is better– OH MY GOD MOM. Seriously though, all she has ever dated is younger men… I am seeing a pattern here.

My grandma…. she keeps her opinions to herself but I am starting to get convinced she also agrees I am going to die alone since every time she sees or talks to me she asks me if I have a new man in my life… sorry grandma… I am an old wench doomed to be alone, no grand kids from this grand daughter.

My brother and his wife — they think older.
My sister whose 22- she thinks older.
My 15 year old sister- she doesn’t get an opinion cause she is still 3 years old in my eyes.

But what i like to remind them is, I have never listened to them when it comes to dating! They have hated every single boyfriend I’ve had haha.

Just thought I’d share a little parent humor this morning.
I have taken myself off social media and dating sites for a little… I need a mental break… I’d rather be single right now then keep dating these psychos.