All my exes live in Texas

Texas is a BIG ASS state... everyone who is anyone knows this am I right? Well I live in a decent size city between Dallas and Ft. Worth Area. Both of those cities are pretty close by which means the dating pool get's open pretty wide... I know I said i was taking a hiatus... Continue Reading →

Was I stood up or did you die?

But for real... Let me just say one thing. There are times when I don't want to talk to someone anymore, and yeah, I ghosted them right? but NEVER have I ¬†EVER stood someone up for a date. I always give them the benefit of the doubt, even when they are crazies -- as you... Continue Reading →

Dating Hiatus

Heyyyy friends! So I am on a slight dating Hiatus-- which means these blog posts either need to be normal, artsy, or just on a break as well! So sorry, it just doesn't feel right to be dating around at the moment. Just too much stress and change -- anyways! Thanks for reading this thing... Continue Reading →

Parents Advice

I love when my parents try to get involved in my dating life, it's quite hilarious. Let me give you some background-- My dad and my stepmom have been together for like ever it feels like ( I really can't remember how long now... 15 years? 16 years? ) a long time now-- anyways they... Continue Reading →

Blocked Baby

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately- this has been such a wild year for me. I up and quit my job back home to move all the way across the country alone just to hate it over there and quit my job again but recklessly this time. Bought a plane ticket and... Continue Reading →

Condom Man: Chapter 3

I totally forgot to tell you... he came back.... out of fucking nowhere! I was re reading this thing the other day thinking to all my failures in the dating world and how a lot of them seem to be reoccurring issues. Things I can CLEARLY change if I just focused on them right? People... Continue Reading →

“I miss you…” no you don’t!

Holy shit guys... guess what? I moved again... But that's not what this post is about. Let's talk about one of two guy's I went out with while I was over there on the East Coast living in a nightmare. Met on the dating website of course, and honestly, I really just needed to get... Continue Reading →

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